Eric Hofmeister, Siemens AG

Eric Hofmeister, Siemens AG

Eric Hofmeister, Head of Global Lodging Procurement, Siemens AG
Eric is a pioneer of the change in the travel management at Siemens. / © Kommando Kunst


Eric is passionate about making travelers’ lives easier and more sustainable. As an accomplished travel manager, he has extensive experience in both project and procurement management.

Since 2018, Eric has been responsible for the management of global lodging procurement at Siemens AG, including supplier negotiation and management, sustainability, data analytics, innovation, and end-user communication.

Prior to his current role, Eric worked as a Senior Consultant at Siemens AG in Munich from 2012 to 2018. During this time, he focused on global project management in the M&A and travel industries. Before that, he worked for four years at the consulting firm Campana & Schott, where he focused on global project management in the outsourcing and M&A industries.

Eric is also a member of the Global Development Program at Siemens Supply Chain Management. Apart from his professional work, Eric is also socially engaged in the community and serves as honorary CFO of Karl & Liesl e.V. in Munich since September 2022. This organization runs three day care centers for children.

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