Zaneta Sedilekova, Climate Law Lab

Zaneta Sedilekova, Climate Law Lab

Zaneta Sedilekova
Zaneta Sedilekova is a pracising lawyer andfocuses on climate and biodiversity risk. / © HI, William Veder


Zaneta Sedilekova is a Director of climate and biodiversity risk at the consultancy firm Climate Law Lab.

She has also been appointed as a Biodiversity Risk Advisor for a global think tank Commonwealth Climate and Law Initiative, where she carries out research and provides strategic advice on how biodiversity loss can pose a material risk to financial institutions and corporations across multiple sectors. In addition, she is a practising lawyer with a strong focus on climate and biodiversity liability risk in corporate sector.

Zaneta has co-authored several reports on biodiversity risks, including “Addressing biodiversity loss – revolution or evolution of English law?” and “Biodiversity Risk: Legal Implications for Companies and their Directors” for CCLI. She regularly speaks about climate and biodiversity risk and litigation at conferences, webinars and other events.

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